Bicycle washning agent KLS BIKE CLEANER refill 1000 ml

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bicycle washing agent. Usage: Bike Cleaner is a maintenance and cleaning agent for cleaning bicycles from mud and other contamination. Higher foaming ability ensures a lower consumption of the agent. Bike Cleaner is aplied by spraying on the contaminated spots (derailleurs, pedals, hubs, frame). It is particullary suitable to clean very contaminated parts (chains, sprockets, etc.) where it adheres due to its foaming ability and thus the product consumption is lower. It does not harm paint. Content: Tenzides, emulsifiers, stabilizers, water, solvents, and rust preventing agents. Bike Cleaner BIO. Use: Detergent on bicycles.Volume : 1000ml

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Keep your bicycle working smoothly and efficiently with a regular bike cleaning agent. Prevent your bike from mud and other contamination with multifunctional Online Dubai Bicycle cleaning agent. We have cleaners in form of spray as well as liquid. Cleaners lubricant oil is easy to use, it does not harm bicycles paint and it contains fewer adhesive components so it protects your bicycles against rust under any condition.
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