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Enjoy shopping the best Road bikes online!
ODB Bike – Online Dubai Bicycles is a trusted name when it comes to shopping for bicycles online in Dubai. It’s an ultimate destination for buying the world’s best bicycle’s, accessories, apparels and many more cycling gears for every age group, all are available at our online bike shop at Business Bay under one roof in Dubai, UAE. We have a wide range of bicycles from Hybrid to sport bikes, Road bikes to mountain bikes, Ebikes to urban fitness bikes, Bikes for women and for junior kids bicycles that are superior in quality and in features.

We have the best of road bikes on sale for bicycle lovers in UAE!

Our Road bikes are light weight with cutting edge design, powered by gear mechanism that enhances its performance.
We at ODB Bike – Online Dubai Bicycles service with one of the finest brands in bicycles, Kelly bikes. The company has all types of bicycles including Full Suspension, Hardtail e-bike, Enduro, MTB-XC, Trail, bikes for women, kids mountain bikes and many more. You can find all these bikes at Business Bay. The essence of enjoying biking is in the form of a bicycle you ride. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned racer on the hunt for a lightweight speed bike or a weekend mountain biking person, we have a bike and all accessories available at our online bike shop, for you to enjoy your cycling rides across the city of Dubai.

We are a one stop destination for bike riders looking for road bikes for sale